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The objectives of the Association are as follows.
1.   To promote rapport among members and personnel of the same profession.
2.   To promote and support members in the development of academic knowledge, researches, and perioperative nursing in consistent with the international standard criteria.
3.    To promote and maintain professional ethics and conducts of perioperative nurses in order to establish trust and confidence in the society.
4.    To be a center for sharing knowledge, public relations, and disseminating perioperative nursing information and members’ academic accomplishment.
5.   To be a source of information and knowledge concerning the perioperative nursing academic advancement and professional advice for members and any interested people.

First President (2006 – 2007)
Mrs. Uraiwan  Asekasakul
Chulalongkorn University

Second President (2008 – 2009)
Assistant Professor Siriporn  Puttharungsri
Thai Red Cross Nursing College

The Thai Operating Room Nurses changed to be “The Thai Perioperative Nurses Association” (TPNA) which has been established since 30, 2007
Address                1/237 Level 1 Silom gland Terrace Bangrak Bangkok 10500
Tel.                         66 2652 3313
Fax                         66 2652 3314
Number of memberships  6219 (May 2007)

Continuous Education for Membership

1.       The Thai Operating Room Nurse arrange perioperative conference yearly since 1996 – 2006

2.       The Thai Perioperative Nurse arrange the first perioperative conference in 2007

3.       TORN Journal 2 editions yearly (June & December) since 1996

2 editions yearly (June / December)
Memberships 487  (June 2007)


International Affairs

·       1999 membership of IFPN  (International   Federation of Perioperative Nurses)

·       2001 sent CNR for IFPN meeting at AORN World Conference in New Zealand

·       2005 sent CNR for IFPN meeting at AORN World Conference in Spain


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